Metro Activity Planner

by Retail Manager Solutions Limited

Improve project planning and task management and achieve your business goals faster with RMS

With Metro Activity Planner, you'll have a powerful Workflow Engine that utilises Project templates, project justification data, critical path, capacity planner, and impact reporting to ensure your human capital is utilised to its fullest potential. This means that you can plan and execute projects with ease, knowing that you have a clear understanding of all the necessary resources and their impact on your business. Plus, Activity Planners' connectivity with all other Metro modules ensures you get real-time updates and insights for better decision-making. Metro Activity Planner includes the following elements/modules:-
  • Powerful Workflow Engine backed up with full workflow approval
  • Activity Planner with clear visibility of departments and projects presented using a configurable colour palette and project types
  • To-Do List allows you to view the actions of a task and see whether it is on track or overdue. You can re-allocate tasks if someone in the team is overloaded.
  • Capacity Calculator avoids overtasking, ensuring delivery of tasks remains within budget.
  • Critical Paths show all tasks in the order that they need to be done in order to ensure 'right first-time' delivery.
  • Project Justification allows you to build up a picture of the requirements and allows the user to see what the project will deliver for the business.
  • Project Templates allow critical paths to be re-used and ensure continuous improvement and refinement.
  • Metro Unified Comms is integrated with Microsoft Azure and utilises Azure Media Services to deliver media content to users, optimised to reach audiences on the devices they use.
Traditionally, businesses will have used an (out-of-date) paper copy of an Activity or Project plan on the wall of their office - with the Metro Activity Planner, sites can see in real-time what is being delivered, worked on and when. Users can view live plans, plans in draft, plans approved and plans needing approval by stakeholders. Visibility of departments and projects can be presented easily using a configurable colour palette and project types. The Activity Planner module most clearly demonstrates how multiple metro modules, data and connectivity are used within the overall Metro solution to deliver real business benefits.

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