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Powerful software engine will make your phone calling process easy & faultless

The SalesScript Prompter is a cloud service for creating, operating and evaluating scenarios and scripts for telephone calls. The SalesScript Prompter offers: 1. A comfortable visual script editor for creating required telephone call scripts quickly; 2. A script operation section (for operators) for comfortable operation of “branchy” scripts without being unfocused; 3. Reports for evaluating script efficiency and their quick adjustment; 4. Software for call recording and listening to the most important things in the telephone talks with clients. The benefits of the SalesScript Prompter are: • Easy-to-use for sales managers and operators • Fast error detection in calls and in scripts without listening • Easy to create, implement, edit and update any scripts, even the most complicated Why the Sales SalesScript Prompter? • -90% of critical errors in telephone calls • 100% of conversion growth due to the effective call scripts • 2-4 times quicker to train newcomers to the sales department • Reduction of the wages fund and staff turnover expenses by 30% • Error detection in calls within 5-10 seconds of listening The SalesScript Prompter is designed for many companies. But most often it is used by salesmen, call center operators and companies contacting their clients on the phone or via mail.

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