DIIMSA Extreme Vocabulary

by SectorWare LLC

Creating Vocabulary Experiences across the Sciences for Today's Learner

The Digital Imagery as an Instructional Mode for Student Achievement Extreme Vocabulary (DIIMSA-EV) strategy is a checking for understanding strategy that is designed for the “Digital Generation.” DIIMSA-EV provides learners with opportunities to show from their perspective what they truly know about vocabulary and associated content. The basic premise of this strategy is to engage learners in connecting vocabulary to unique authentic visual scenes (images and video clips) during a timeframe as they work in collaborative teams. MS-TEAMS and/or MS-PowerPoint slide automated transitions are used to help facilitate this strategy as different slides of scenes go across teams for study and review.

This strategy can be used to create experiences or evaluate (Check for Understanding) a learner’s true understanding of the operational definition of the vocabulary word as the word is applied across varying scenes and teams during the facilitation of this strategy.

Facilitators and Teachers use DIIMSA-EV in the following ways:
  • Classroom Entry (Brain Warmer). Used as a 5-minute brain warmer to motivate and engage students for unique experiences and perspectives to be extended to the entire class through interactive debate and discussion as a way to create experiences for all.
  • Classroom Exit (Exit Ticket). Used during classroom exit as a way to “close” the instructional lesson.
  • Class Experience during Instruction. Used to stimulate student thinking for reinforcing concepts and academic vocabulary across varying content during instructional lessons and projects.
  • Re-Teaching and Reviewing. Used as a question prompter as students ask new questions and record their observations in a journal for extended research.
  • Tutorials and Assessment. Used during tutorials to prepare for critical assessment periods.
  • Field Excursion Planning and Preparation. Used to illustrate concepts and associated vocabulary that will be investigated in the field for a deeper understanding of planned field excursion experiences.
DIIMSA-EV is part of the DIIMSA Experienced-Based Digital Imagery Content Resource (DIIMSA-EXPERT) on DIIMSA Stock. As an integral part of DIIMSA Stock, DIIMSA-EXPERT is a unique content resource designed to assist DIIMSA participants as they implement activities, methods, strategies and projects. DIIMSA-EXPERT Digital imagery collections are real, relevant, authentic and integrated with open-ended questions, crosscutting concepts and vocabulary in a way to create higher order thinking. All DIIMSA-EXPERT content was captured by DIIMSA Researchers as part of the ongoing research to make STEM real and relevant for grades 5–8 and 9–12.

DIIMSA-EV imagery and associated instructional materials from DIIMSA-EXPERT are included as part of the standard and enterprise/institution license offering.

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