Armored Client

by SentryBay

Secure AVD and W365 with anti-keylogging, screen capture, and malicious injection protection

The Armored Client is a cutting-edge security solution tailored for Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 environments. It offers unparalleled protection against zero-day threats and insider attacks with its advanced security features such as kernel-mode anti-keylogging, anti-screen capture, and malicious injection protection. This ensures a highly secure remote working experience for both managed and unmanaged devices, addressing critical security vulnerabilities.

Designed specifically for businesses and organizations utilizing Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, the Armored Client caters to those in need of stringent security measures. By safeguarding against data breaches and cyber threats, it provides a secure framework for remote work, making it ideal for companies allowing remote access and utilizing unmanaged devices.

Addressing the pressing need for robust security in remote working environments, the Armored Client mitigates risks associated with keylogging, screen capturing, and malicious injections. These are prevalent concerns for companies leveraging virtual desktop infrastructure and cloud PCs, aiming to protect their data and maintain operational integrity in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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