KYC Onboard

by Simple KYC

Simple KYC - Know Your Customer Made Simple

Simple KYC is an end-to-end workflow solution for KYC. It provides significant automation for on-boarding all entity types, ranging from small businesses to complex institutional company structures and trusts.

Why do customers use Simple KYC?

- Handle all entity types within a single workflow.

- Machine read documents and extract key information.

- Complex companies visualised at the click of a button.

- Substantially reduce manual labour from the data collection, verification, and management processes of onboarding.

- Enable increased sales effectiveness by reducing manual processes.

Our Clients Success Story

- Time to onboard clients reduced by over 50%

- Staff efficiency up by 20-30%

- 20–30% reduction in operating costs

- Time to read a Trust Deed reduced by more than 75-80%

- Full audit-proof of client onboarding and remediation processes integrated with their systems or as a stand-alone service.

Integration with Microsoft platform

Combining Microsoft and Simple KYC allows us to leverage the scalability of a trusted Azure cloud, offer enhanced services enabled by Cognitive Services: Vision, Language and Knowledge Cosmos: SQL API, Gremlin API, Cassandra API.

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