LiveWell - Employee wellbeing and engagement

by LiveWell Corporate Solutions Inc

LiveWell is a points-based digital corporate wellness program that keeps your employees healthy, eng

The LiveWell value proposition allows it’s customers to reduce attrition, reduce absenteeism, and improve communication via a software based employee engagement and corporate well-being platform.

The platform is a social, gamified, and rewards based environment where HR engagement events can be driven through and participation encouraged based on the 3 behavior based engagement elements (social, gameification, rewards).

The platform allows employees to engage and interact through daily curated platform content (challenges, events, social feeds, and surveys). Employees get access to organized on-site events through the platform and earn points through participation. Points can be used to bid or purchase rewards on the platform which are delivered on-site.

The business audience are employees working in a PC or device based environment. The platform works well in companies that operate in multi-worksite, multi-geography, larger population set environments.

Target industries may include, but are not limited to: healthcare, telecommunications, BPO, shared services, financial, hospitality, media.

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