TCS iDMCP Digital Platform Solution

by TCS - Consumer Goods

iDMCP : AI & ML Powered Distribution Supply Chain Optimization and Collaboration Suite

TCS integrated Distributor Management & Collaboration Platform (iDMCP) addresses the downstream supply chain challenges of CPG companies. iDMCP, is a technology agnostic, modular, scalable & configurable solution that provides Supply Chain Transformation with its wide range of solution features. It improves various supply chain KPIs such as Delivery Accuracy, Days of Inventory, Purchase Order Accuracy, Truck Load Utilization, Forecast Accuracy, Carbon Footprint etc.

With evolving consumers preferences and omnichannel distribution on the rise, the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry is having to rehaul their supply chains to remain profitable in a highly competitive environment. It is crucial for CPG organizations to ramp up their distribution management systems to absorb market demand fluctuations, optimize inventory, warehousing and supply chain efficiencies in real time, thereby ensuring faster time-to-market, improving service levels and reducing costs. TCS’ proprietary cloud-based offering, Integrated Distributor Management and Collaboration Platform (iDMCP), enables CPG companies to achieve this balance by offering complete visibility into demand, inventory and distribution, helping them seamlessly fulfill real-time market demands.

Easily configured based on the customer’s business context, iDMCP leverages TCS’ proprietary ‘Follow the Product’ approach to unlock people, process, technology, and data interventions. In essence, it offers an innovation roadmap for enterprises to balance their cash, cost, and service, thereby helping them transform from output driven to outcome driven organizations.

TCS iDMCP empowers CPG companies and distribution leaders to establish a more efficient, agile and cost-effective distribution mechanism across their downstream supply chain network. Powered by a cloud based collaborative platform, TCS’ iDMCP provides complete visibility into inventory and distribution processes across the supply chain for real-time accurate demand prediction. The platform empowers distribution and logistics teams to rapidly fulfill market demands in real time while slashing inventory costs, allowing for effective inventory allocation and increased customer satisfaction. It is built on the key tenets of modularity, configurability, and scalability, and leverages digital technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), mobility, analytics and cloud. What’s more, iDMCP is easy to integrate with multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) and distributor management systems (DMS) solutions. Featuring re-usable modules and components available with plug and play options, the solution provides enhanced agility of operations while accelerating time to value.

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