Tickit Health Platform

by Tickit Health

Tickit-a digitally empathetic, web-based solution for capturing and analyzing person-reported data.

Harnessing the power of digital empathy, our unique approach applies clinically validated design principals to data collection tools (surveys, assessments, educational tools) that sit on our versatile interactive digital platform. Incorporating plain language communication principles, graphic aids, culturally sensitive personalized dynamic pathways, feedback and contextual information the Tickit Health tools collect the required information necessary to support each unique respondent effectively. Tickit then goes one step further in that based on the response, immediate feedback can be provided to the respondent including things like education information. Tickit creates a user experience that is truly personalized, generating that sense of the individual actually being heard. This, in turn, invokes trust and the respondent is more inclined to complete the assessment/survey, and do so with a richer set of information, all with great sensitivity and specificity. Unique patient reports and population data is securely managed on the data management tools to the client organization to effectively provide the supporting integrated services they intend to deliver for each individual and the population as a whole, with a goal of improving defined outcomes. The Population Management Module (PPM) includes flagging for specific responses, alerting (such as for immediate intervention required or safety concerns), and other mechanisms to help the organization more efficiently and effectively engage with each respondent on a personal level. The PPM can be integrated into other digital platforms or data pushed directly to 3rd party systems like a CRM, Learning Management Systems (LMS), or Electronic Medical Record systems (EMRs). All of this is available digitally and embraced in a robust, enterprise-class security infrastructure, accessible on computers and any mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This embraces the premise of digital empathy by allowing each respondent to have an experience that is based on their preferences and needs. Tickit is used to collect data on patient satisfaction and experience, mental health, youth health, population screening and social determinants health, patient education, and more.

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