TRUE T360° Pharma Analytical Suite

by Trueblue s.p.a.

The real and first Analytical model for the Life Sciences Market

In order to obtain the greatest competitive advantage of effective decision and action processes, decision makers must have access to not only company data, but also tools to turn it into meaningful information and action plans through accurate strategic and tactic analysis processes. Furthermore, they need tools to share the acquired know how. This is possible with the specific Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence tools developed by Trueblue. WHY TRUE T360° Pharma Analytical Suite TRUE T360° Pharma Analytical Suite integrates in a unique platform all the relevant data sources related to the Pharmaceutical Business, enabling powerful analytics and actionable insights that allow great competitive advantages and effective decisions. Mainly focused on Marketing and Sales departments but comprehending also Medical and Access, it provides a wide catalog of analytics, dashboard and reporting that helps strategical and tactical decisions for all the users, starting from the Field Force to the Head Office and Corporate. TRUE T360° Pharma Analytical Suite provides connectors to the most common pharma solutions (ERP, ETMS, CRM, IMS, Hospital Contract management systems, etc.) that allow being very fast in achieving advantages from the system. KEY BUSINESS BENEFITS • Great time-to-value • 360° integration and harmonization • Reliable, fast, Innovative and easy to use • “Governed” Self Service capabilities

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