by uPlanner


uPlanning aims to assist institutions of higher education in their academic planning process. It generates groups or sections in each course/degree, simulates different timetables, and automatically assigns professors to each section with the corresponding class schedule.


  • Efficient schedule planning systematization.
  • Optimal infrastructure use, time savings and simulation creation.
  • Assigns the best teacher taking into consideration variables such as assessment, cost per hour, schedule availability and transfer times.
  • Analyzes various simulated scenarios in minutes, enabling improved resource use.
  • Decreases planning time.
  • Saves resources.


  • Creates student groups or sections for each subject for future academic periods while minimizing the number of sections that result.
  • Automatically assigns a schedule for each class that respects the date-setting rules of each course and degree program.
  • Assigns the best teacher to each section as a function of variables entered by the user that respects schedule availability fulfilling the instructor role.
  • Respects the group schedule compatibility.
  • Considers transit time between building or on campus to create schedules.

This software is available both in English and Spanish.

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