CMAC Stormwater Solutions

OptiRTC, Inc.

Optimize stormwater management with continuous monitoring and active control technology

Opti is the leading provider of Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control (CMAC) solutions for stormwater management, with over 160 deployments across the US and over 100 million gallons of storage under active management.  

Opti provides a cloud-based platform that optimizes the collection, storage, and distribution of stormwater with CMAC, enabling communities and businesses to continuously improve stormwater management by delivering real-time visibility, adaptively controlling assets, and supporting smart city initiatives.  

Our solutions are used by state and local governments, sewer authorities, commercial landowners, and through public-private partnerships to optimize the use of stormwater infrastructure. With communities facing increasingly limited budgets and a need to adapt to a changing environment, Opti transforms infrastructure to offer the following benefits:

  • Economical solutions with 60-90% savings
  • Resilient systems with 5-10x performance improvement and configurability
  • Peace of mind through improved safety, compliance, and operations

Discover how you can start your smart stormwater journey with Opti, to enable healthy communities and cleaner waters.

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