HIVERY Curate - Analytical assortment optimization


Rapid assortment strategy simulation & optimization solution for CPGs and retailers


Retailers and CPG brands spend thousands of person-hours determining assortment strategy, working our space & assortment plans and finally drawing thousands of planograms to execute in stores. This task is tedious and time-consuming for the Buyers, Sales Category Managers, Category Advisers or Category Development Managers.  


HIVERY Curate helps you rapidly develop category/merchandising strategy simulation and operationalize your strategy in minutes.  You are able to see the impact of each strategy.  Once you have fine-tuned simulations to your desired strategy, you can then use HIVERY Curate to generate space and assortment aware planograms for execution.   HIVERY Curate is simple to use AI-driven analytics-based assortment optimization.  You do not need to be a data scientist! 

Using store-level data, HIVERY Curate incorporates your own unique category constraints, allowing you to simulate strategic scenarios with accuracy and reliability, guaranteeing executable store-specific recommendations for every cluster dimension or count; eliminating the averages of averages approach.   

HIVERY Curate brings transparency and speed to decisions around the assortment. Transforms joint business planning (JBP) sessions and helps you cultivate partnerships. 

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Key benefits:

  • Simulate unlimited assortment strategy with your defined category objectives and constraints and see, in real-time, the sales and volume impacts 

  • Leverage store-level insights from the entire universe of stores to make profitable planograms

  • Export those optimized planograms in various formats including PSA files for execution


HIVERY technology has originated in CSIRO's Data61 (Australia’s national science agency) laboratories and we have been recognized as the NSW Exporter of the Year (in Technology) named in Deloitte Technology’s Fast 50, Financial Times’s Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies top 500 and finalist in AmCham’s Alliance Award in Artificial Intelligence.

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