YL Teams Room Solution (Android): 3 day Assessment

Yealink Inc.

Dedicated to offering Teams Room POC services, to help customer design, deloy and experience better!

Help customer find and experience the best Team room journey. Yealink offers a full portfolio video devices solution for Microsoft Teams, covering from huddle to extra-large meeting spaces, including Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) on Android, Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, and video phone. For example, for MTR-A, Yealink has A20 for small&huddle room and A30 for medium room. These solution all have crystal audio and high-quality video! In Yealink Teams Room POC programs, according to different room opportunities, there overall have the key deliverables below: -Evaluate User Scenario -MSFT&YL MTR Solutions Training -Room Account Setup -Live Demo MTR Deployment -Room Design

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