Copilot Customer Success Service


We will help users drive innovation and business transformation, providing support and services related to Microsoft 365 Copilot. In this process, we will assist users in assessing its feasibility and

The goal of Microsoft Copilot Customer Success Services is to provide users with support and services related to Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, driving innovation and business transformation, and improving productivity and creativity. The service process includes the preparation stage, deployment stage, pilot stage, and optimization stage.

In the preparation stage, we assess the user's licensing and technical readiness, ensuring that they have deployed and are using Microsoft 365 and ensuring their data protection and compliance. Additionally, we discuss the benefits of Copilot with the user and help them identify high-value use cases. Deliverables in the preparation stage include an environment assessment report and Copilot deployment plan.

In the deployment stage, we develop a pilot plan and select the appropriate Copilot feature modules for validation based on the user's overall goals and expected use cases. We also fine-tune data governance and security strategies and prepare standardized documentation for formal rollout. Deliverables in the deployment stage include pilot configuration documentation and issue tracking.

In the pilot stage, we summarize and improve the overall execution plan, establish a continuous monitoring platform, and provide integration, customization, and configuration services. Deliverables in the pilot stage include implementation configuration documentation.

In the optimization stage, we establish a continuous feedback platform and gradually optimize the Graph data source. We also explore the extended plugin capabilities of Copilot. The duration of the optimization stage will vary depending on the specific project.

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