iGlobe CRM Office 365 - 1 day implementation


Making sure you get a correct implementation and the full potential of iGlobe CRM Office 365

Thank you for purchasing iGlobe CRM Office 365. We want to make sure you get a good start with iGlobe CRM Office 365. With this service, we offer to assist you with the implementation of iGlobe CRM on your Microsoft 365 tenant. 

Deploying iGlobe CRM is very easy and fast. A standard implementation will typically imnclude. 

  • An upstarts meeting
  • Deployment of iGlobe CRM Office 365 on your Microsoft 365 tenant
  • 2 hour training for super users

An iGlobe CRM license includes several Add-ons and Apps. For each iGlobe CRM license you will get one license of; 

  • iPlanner Pro
  • Office2SharePoint
  • MIPA for Outlook
  • MIPA for Teams
  • iGlobe CRM Teams App
  • iGlobe CRM Outlook Add-in
  • 12 standard Power BI reports
  • iGlobe CRM Mobile PowerApps

In the upstarts meeting we will look into your needs and plan the deployment accordingly

  • We will present you with the above Apps and decide what to deploy
  • Will you be using the Microsoft Planner as a task tool with the CRM?
  • Will you be saving documents into SharePoint site on customers
  • Should we start with implementing Power BI for dashboards and reports
  • Should we deploy iGlobe CRM Mobile PowerApp
  • Do you have data you want to import into iGlobe
  • Will you be needing any customization of iGlobe CRM, with new fileds? or remiving fields you don't need

Based on this meeting iGlobe will make the complete deploymet on your Microsoft 365 tenant. This will of course require that you can provide us with access to your tenant, fx by creating an iGlobe CRM admin user that we can use. During the deployment this user will require admin access and a license. After the deployment you can

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