Cloud Security Journey: 2 Hour Proof of Concept

360 Visibility Inc.

See how Microsoft Azure Cloud Security tools (Azure Defender, Security Center) help you gain security visibility into threats with our Microsoft Security Proof of Concept.

The goal of this security proof of concept is to see the benefits of Microsoft Cloud Security tools in your organization, without making any configuration changes to your existing tenant and network.

Cloud Security Proof of Concept Deliverables:

  • Personalized security risk assessment

Cloud Security Proof of Concept Outcomes:

  • Report on missing security controls in Microsoft 365 services
  • Visibility into your on-premises Active Directory based corporate network to identify, detect, and investigate:
    • Advanced Threats
    • Compromised Identities
    • Malicious Insider Actions
  • See threats affecting user and device activity in your tenant and Active Directory based corporate network.

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