Dynamics 365 BC EDI: 1-Hr Assessment

4th Quarter Solutions LLC

Learn how you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and TrueCommerce EDI Integration Platform to enhance your business and customer service.

4th Quarter Solutions invites you to a complementary one-hour session to learn how Dynamics 365 Business Central and TrueCommerce EDI Integration Solution can help your business managing its order processing using the TrueCommerce EDI platform.

We will discuss the standard Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities, workflow processes and how the TrueCommerce platform integrates with D365. We will go over your main business requirements and discuss how using EDI can save both time and open up new opportunities for your business. And we will discuss what options are available for companies like yours when implement a cost effective EDI solution with a rapid deployment.


  • Introduction to Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Introduction to TrueCommerce EDI Portal and Integration
  • Your requirements
  • The implementation process
  • Additional applications and services

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