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Succeed with your Dynamics 365 Sales project with Absfront Easy

Absfront Easy-projects serves as the initial step to connect your customer journeys.​

You have the flexibility to select both the starting point and approach within the journey to maximize the benefits.​ The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is an integrated solution that allows you to choose when to apply apps for Marketing, Sales and Service.​ The Absfront Accelerator 365 add-on ensures that you have the industry´s best practices implemented from day one. ​

Maximizes Business Benefits​

  • Initial focus on the business benefits for the end-user and organization.​
  • Maximizes the use of standard functionality to meet business needs.​
  • Practically verifies that solution meets business needs using Pilot-approach.​
  • Fast and cost-efficient​
  • Quick start using Pilot.​

The organization gets the knowledge up-front on how to maximize the benefits from the solution.​

Absfront Accelerator 365 adds ”ready-to-go” configurations from the start.​

Reduces risks​

  • A project that doesn't get stuck into details of costs and time. ​
  • Utilizes proven implementation approach from Microsoft (Success by design) to manage costs and time.​
  • The customer is in control of project execution. ​

Absfront Easy is built on 18+ years of experience from successful CRM-implementations for both small and large businesses. ​ With this approach you as a customer get a good understanding on how to maximize the benefits with Microsoft Dynamics 365 from the start with the possibilities to add configurations/customizations when future needs are identified.

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