Enable Always on Customer Service: 1-day Workshop

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1 Day Workshop to help you Learn, Assess, Configure, & Enable Your Always on Service by connecting Customer / Field / Virtual Agents to take your customer experience from Omnichannel to Always On. Cloud will help you to empower your teams with the right tools & insights to provide real-time, personalized support, optimize resources that scale to meet business needs. We are covering virtual workshop sessions extending up to 2 days.

What is Enable always-on service?

This is the ability to constantly adapt and scale resources to meet customer demand while managing a distributed workforce threatens to put a strain on employees and risks decreased customer satisfaction. It scales to meet customer demand anywhere, any time.

Dynamics 365 supports task automation that reduces the number of times agents must click between disparate apps and windows to complete a routine task – leaving more time for agents to engage customers efficiently.

Solution Benefits

With Dynamics 365 organizations across industries are using mixed reality to improve collaboration across cross-functional teams and upskill employees.

Meet changing customer demand, anywhere, anytime.

Deliver connected and empathetic customer experiences.

Drive action with proactive service and resource optimization.

Employees get more done on the job with the information and data they need in the physical context of their work.

Bring innovative technology and drive digital transformation with first-line workers, an audience traditionally underserved by technology.

Workshop Deliverables

  • Offer on-demand technical support with self-service portals.

  • Deliver value at every touchpoint.

  • Optimize agent performance and improve customer engagement through operations analysis and interaction.

  • Measure and act on customer feedback. Choose and manage the right technician at the right time using AI-based recommendations and schedules manuals.

  • Manage resource history effectively so that technicians have all the information.

  • Show the power of Dynamics 365 Sales with Power apps; Power BI, power virtual agents, power automate, and Teams.

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