Microsoft Power BI Workforce Analytics : 4 wk Implementation

Acuvate Software Ltd

Acuvate's 4 weeks Microsoft Power BI implementation service helps you build augmented analytics solution that will help you gain new insights & improve employee engagement & experience.

This 4-week implementation offer includes an assessment of your company's needs, an understanding of your current landscape and processes, and the implementation of a Workforce Analytics Solution built with Microsoft Power BI.

The advanced workforce analytics solution collates data from multiple sources & helps analyze measure, & track employee-related data. Helps Human Resources (HR) to gain insights into historical employee-related trends, make better data-backed decisions and create predictive models for future behaviors, improvements, performance issues, and risks.


  • 30% increase in employee productivity.
  • 50% reduction in employee attrition.
  • Cost saving by understanding how employees are interacting with various applications


  • Gathers relevant data from internal HR systems such as workforce, success factors, SAP, etc., & social chatter.
  • Critical data is identified, ingested, and cleansed to a common data model.
  • Reports that aids in the identification of people issues with meaningful insights that may have a negative impact on the business.
  • Predict the outcomes of employee engagement initiatives, turnover, and performance issues.

This offering includes assessment and implementation services for building & deploying Workforce Analytics Solution built using Microsoft Power BI. The scope, price & timeline are determined based on specific business goals and the customer's requirements. Hence, the terms, conditions, and pricing will be custom to each engagement.

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