Frontline Consulting Offer Demo 1-Month Implementation

Adaptive Business Communications Ltd t/a CloudAssist

This consulting offer enables CloudAssist to assist enterprises to adopt the Microsoft 365 Frontline capability using the 'Art of the Possible' Cloud Accelerator workshop engagement

CloudAssist's Frontline accelerator framework assists enterprises to enable their frontline workers to be better connected and more productive using the Microsoft Teams Platform. The 'Enable Frontline' workshop is designed to identify real-world use cases in your business that can be addressed with the Microsoft Teams solutions such as Shifts, Tasks, Bookings and Power Apps/Power Automate that aims to improved the productiivty and online collaboration of your frontline workers in their everyday activities. This funded 'Art of the Possible' workshop assists eligible enterrpises to accelerate their Digital Transformation of their frontline operations while ensuring the security and compliance of their work is maintrained. The workshop delivers a comprehensive assessment of Microsoft 365 Frontline subscription and evaluates the potential ROI of this investment while outlining the ACM (Adoption and Change Management) roadmap to ensure a positive on-boarding experience for the frontline workers to this new communication and collaborative platform.

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