Azure Express: 4-Wk Assessment


With the Azure Express Assessment we take a four-phased approach

“Access the power of the cloud. Get started on your cloud journey with a fast, data-driven analysis of your estate to understand the benefits, costs, and next steps for your move.”

If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you can use your Microsoft 365 account to create an Azure subscription. Microsoft 365 and Azure use the same service for management. The Azure directory is like a container where you can group users and subscriptions, for example. In order to use the accounts, they need to have been embedded in the same directory as in Microsoft 365.

Azure also offers other functionality, one of the best reasons to use for your applications and services is to take advantage of its wide array of tools and capabilities. These tools and capabilities also help make it possible to create secure solutions, such as integrated application management, that you can use to extend and customize your Microsoft 365.

“Managing Microsoft 365 requires that you have knowledge of Azure. ”

This assessment provides customers with a quick assessment of their cloud capabilities, top blockers for cloud migration, recommendations to next steps for cloud deployments, migration cost and benefit analyses.

We’ll help you to take your cloud journey to the next level and it's Ideal for customers focused on Microsoft 365.

  • Where to begin your cloud journey
  • The cost of making the move
  • Ambiguity around prioritizing workloads for transition

With this assessment we take a four phased approach with:

  • Assess & Discover: gather accurate data from your IT environment
  • Plan & Decide: determine what changes are top priority
  • Migrate: develop a roadmap for your organization's cloud journey
  • Optimize: gain a partner to help you measure your progress


  • Prices vary based on the company´s size.

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