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Protect, Simplify, Power better experience with Windows 11, Windows 365 and Intune. Unlock hybrid work scenarios!

"Secure your hybrid workforce with Windows 11, Windows 365 and Intune. Microsoft empowers you to do More with Less!”

The Workplace is still in transition, including Diverse Computing Needs, Organizational Risks, and IT Complexity. The NextGen Windows Standardized pilot engagement is targeted at anyone who wants to see how Windows 365 protect, simplify, power better experience, and unlocks hybrid work scenarios.

Engagement Highlights:

• Zero Trust security built-in • Proactive remediation and automation from a single source • Protected and productive without downtime

The NextGen Windows Standardized Pilot helps you land the value proposition of Windows 365 with your customers’ business decision makers. The next generation of endpoints represents a shift in how our customers are solving end-user computing challenges. Across Information Workers, Frontline Workers, and Temporary / Elastic workforces, our customers are looking for the latest and most innovative solutions to answer those challenges.

After the Pilot Engagement, you’ll:

• Improve your knowledge of cloud-based end-user computing options using Microsoft solutions • Have a better understanding of provisioning and managing cloud endpoints with Microsoft Endpoint Manager • Accelerate your endpoint management and end-user computing journey with Microsoft • Have defined next steps based on your needs and objectives

Why adaQuest? When it comes to Unified Endpoint Management you need an experienced partner.

*Prices vary based on the organization’s size.

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