Microsoft Viva Learning: 2 week implementation

Seamlessly bring learning into the flow of work with Viva Learning and enable social learning using the collaboration capabilities in Teams.

Viva Learning provides a comprehensive learning platform within Microsoft 365 that enables employees to discover and share professional training resources, track their progress, and access curated content and resources from experienced managers. With Viva Learning organizations can easily facilitate employee training and stay up-to-date with relevant news, content, and conversations. guides you in your journey with Microsoft Viva learning with a 4 step program:

1. Identify: Advise on how to rationalize existing learning investments by identifying the key content sources that have the most impact on employee learning.

2. Build: Pilot VIVA Learning to your organization

3. Operate: Drive trainings and guidance for leaders and managers on fostering a learning culture and maximize investment

4. Customer success: measuring succes and support efficiënt business rythm's 

This engagement is expected to be completed within 10-12 weeks

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