Business Central Plug & Play: 8-Wk Implementation

Agic Technology S.r.l.

*Discover Agic Technology's new Plug & Play ERP methodology that reduces Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central launching time and cost of platform.*

Discover how Agic Technology's new Plug & Play ERP methodology provides integrated management of administrative, accounting, and management processes of companies. In particular, the approach involves the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the ERP solution used by many S&MBs in Italy and worldwide. Plug & Play ERP is designed for companies that: * do not already have in use Microsoft Dynamics NAV * want to digitalize their process and adopt an affordable solution * need to activate the solution in a short time * are willing to use a standard platform * have no need to cover the following areas in a first stage: Cost accounting, Cash flow, Job Management, Manufacturing, Warehouse management, Service management ### Deliverables **Inspection** * Needs identification * Licensing and modules checklist and timeline definition * offer definition * Business Central trial activation **Configuration** * Preparation of the production environment * Project Plan: methodology task and deadline definition * Setup and Configuration **Testing** * Data migration * User Acceptance Test * Training **Go-live** * Go-live * Follow-up ### TOP PLUS * Simple to implement * Reduced time * Reduced costs * Autonomy of users * Experienced support * Continuous release of updates from Microsoft Be ready to start in a few weeks with a latest-generation solution combined with the power of Microsoft's Cloud Azure!
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