Dynamics 365 Business Central Plug & Play: 8-Wk Implementation

Agic Technology S.r.l.

Discover ERP Plug&Play! Minimize starting the time and cost for of starting your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation!

ERP Plug & Play is our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud implementation solution designed to reduce adoption time and cost.

Coveder Areas:

  • Finance – management of general and analytical accounting and of the main accounting books
  • Sales – management of the receivable accounting: from the sales offer to the active invoice
  • Purchase – procurement management: from purchase offer to supplier invoice and payment accounting
  • Inventory – from item and stock monitoring to warehouse costing methods

Why Plug & Play?

  • 100% Cloud
  • Projectless
  • No Capex
  • Implementation & Data Migration included
  • Ready to use
  • Ready for Smartworking
  • Data Export & Excel reporting

Why Business Central?

  • End-to-end Company Processes view
  • Full data view real time
  • Time to cash optimization
  • Departmental Software reduction
  • Costs & Maintenance reduction

Plug & Play is designed for:

  • Start Ups
  • Scale-up Companies
  • SMBs
  • Fast Growing business
  • Professional Services
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Incubators
  • Crowdfunding
  • Price is based on the selected package and on the possibility to implement extra services.

    Be ready to start in a few weeks with a latest-generation solution combined with the power of Microsoft's Cloud Azure!

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