Power BI Custom Visual: 5-Wk Implementation


A Power BI Custom Visual implementation to display data according to your unique requirements.

Every organization has their unique data needs. Determining and implementing those needs can often be difficult. With so many ways to visualize data, we can help your organization discover the best process to find value in displaying this information.

Akvelon has experience creating more than 30 data visualization software applications and nearly a dozen for Power BI exclusively. Our experience and knowledge of visual implementation have led us to a track record of success and it has quickly become one of our passions as a software consulting company.

We’re now offering this five-week custom visual implementation for your organization. This includes solution description, custom visual package specific to your needs, the source code of the project, and more.

Let’s work together to find the best solution for you! Contact us today.


  • Solution description
  • New Power BI Custom Visual package created according to specific UI and functional requirements
  • Source code of the project
  • Documentation on the project: project details and how to create a new version of the Custom Visual package if you decide to add features later


  • Meeting with stakeholders before the implementation starts in order to prepare requirements of the Custom Visual
  • Sample of customer data is provided by the start of the project in CSV or Excel format
  • At least two meetings a week with customer in order to be aligned with the progress and details of the implementation
  • Does not include integrations with 3rd-party applications, creating Power BI reports or dashboards


Timeline and pricing of Power BI Custom Visual implementation may vary depending on requirements

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