Power BI Visual Discovery: 2-Wk Proof of Concept


A prototype to show the capabilities of a Power BI Custom Visual solution that will meet your reporting requirements.

What can you achieve through visualizing your data? The value of displaying your data through a unique custom visual specific to your needs as an organization can be a tricky thing to discover.

Our Power BI Custom Visual Discovery with Proof of Concept plan can help you find the value of visualizing your data to meet the specific reporting needs of your organization.

This process includes a discussion and ideation session to uncover opportunities in the value of a Power BI custom visual for your company, through to the delivery of a proof of concept with a timeline for project completion.

We have several years of experience creating more than 30 data visualization applications which provide solutions internally and for corporate clients.

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Week 1

  • Initial meetings with stakeholders to review the current status of your Power BI solution and to discuss current feature improvements through leveraging Custom Visuals
  • Prepare and agree on detailed requirements of the Proof of Concept
  • Prepare and share a plan of development
  • Start implementation of Proof of Concept

Week 2

  • Implementing and providing Proof of Concept to you in the form of a Custom Visual package
  • Providing timeline and pricing required to implement full version of Custom Visual based on your specific UI and functional requirements


  • New Power BI Custom Visual package created according to specific UI and functional requirements of the Proof of Concept
  • Source code of the project
  • Documentation of how to build a new version of the Custom Visual based on the source code
  • Timeline and pricing required to implement full version of the Custom Visual


  • Sample of customer data is provided by the start of the project in CSV or Excel format
  • At least two weekly meetings, in order to be aligned on the progress and details of the Proof of Concept

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