Enable Frontline: 3-day Workshop

Alfa Connections Pte Ltd

Discover the needs and develop a roadmap of solutions for your frontline workforce while leveraging on the technologies available on Microsoft 365 and Teams though this workshop

In the practice of Modern Work, Microsoft Teams is becoming the "hub for work" for many of us, it is best to not leave out the backbone of the industry, our frontline workers. Investing in frontline workers has proven to be beneficial for many companies in terms of cost, productivity, and security. There are 4 main pillars for purpose-built modern work solutions for frontline workers:

Connect & engage your workforce

  • Deploying Viva Connections and Learning as an extension to your Teams for better collaboration
  • With Walkie Talkie on Push-to-talk enabled devices, team members can communicate in real-time
  • Build deeper connections across your organization using Yammer

Enhance workforce management

  • Implement Shifts on Teams to seamlessly manage your workforce
  • Enable front liners to clock in and self-service requests for shift change using Shift on Teams
  • Accelerate onboarding with an automated bot on Teams guiding the new hires

Increase operational efficiency

  • Digitalize manual processes with Power Platform on Teams
  • Gain operational visibility through Power BI dashboards
  • Reduce time wastage on repetitive backend processes by creating workflows on Power Automate

Safeguard your business with built-in security

  • Build secure, role base experience for your frontline workers with Azure Active Directory and Policy packages on Teams
  • Strengthen compliance by keeping your endpoints on the frontline up-to-date and performant with Off-shift access controls
  • Protect and manage endpoints devices with Intune

Through this 3 day workshop, discover the needs and develop a roadmap of solutions for your frontline workforce.

Workshop Agenda

Day 1: Pre-Engagement

  • Kick-off meeting to introduce the workshop
  • Identify executive sponsors and business stakeholders
  • (Optional) Floorwalk with Frontline Workers

Day 2: Envisioning & Art of the Possible

  • Drive intent through envisioning the Art of the Possible
  • Customer Immersion Experience and Demos
  • Identify frontline worker challenges and pillars

Day 3: Design and Plan - Define a Strategy

  • Deep dive on frontline worker challenges and map to scenarios
  • Analyze and prioritize scenarios discovered
  • Define a plan and roadmap to drive frontline initiatives

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