Intune Go Go Go: 6-week Implementation

Alfa Connections Pte Ltd

Go Modern, Go Simple, Go Control – A Modern Device Lifecycle, Apps Management using Intune.

Intune Go Go Go is a configuration service that enables you manage both corporate owned(COBO) or BYOD devices. Intune transforms the way Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices are provisioned, updated and managed. A complete modernisation of Device Life Cycle Management with Microsoft 365 End Point Manager. Take corporate ownership of Windows, MacOS, iOS, Androids, and delineate corporate and Personal data on COBO and BYODs.

A three-step process: Go Design – Analyze current configurations and policies to design a “golden profile.” Go Implement – We build policies, profiles and compliance rules in Microsoft Intune and configure Microsoft Autopilot. Go Rollout – Hand hold batch of pilots for each device type, building confidence to administer Intune as your newly modernized Device Life Cycle management. All configurations done will be covered in a Knowledge Transfer session.

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