Dynamics 365 Customer Service Start&Go - 5-week implementation


5-week Dynamics 365 Customer Services implementation. This solution combines Microsoft technology with a rapid deployment methodology and accelerators to create SLAs and customer service processes.

Developed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Services, the Alfapeople Start & Go ™ Dynamics 365 Customer Service leverages the power of the Microsoft platform to raise customer service levels and facilitate call tracking, SLAs (Service Level Agreement) control and communication with the client, using its user permissions, advanced localization, exports, processes, panels and MS Excel reports. This is a 5-week objective implementation.


CRM Start&Go Project - 25 days     Project Preparation - 5 Days     Microsoft Dynamics 365 CS Installation - 1 day     Start&Go CS Standard Solution - 2 days     Assessment - 5 days     Solution Configuration - 5 days     User Acceptance Test - 2 days     Training - 1 day     Deployment - 1 day     Operational Assistance - 3 day


As the result of the engagement, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Services will be ready to be used with the following capabilities that will help the company to increase their agents’ productivity, processes efficiency and enhance their customer experience:

  • Customer Services processes automation
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Customer call tracking
  • Management dashboards and reports
  • User permissions configuration
  • Integration with Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)

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