Microsoft Power Platform Start&Go - 5-week implementation


Our Start&Go methodology makes the adoption of Power Platform quick and simple and can include AI Builder and RPA capabilities.

Our experts will train, provide insights and work together with your business and IT teams to identify, organize and prioritize initiatives, and build low-code apps that modernize processes and solve tough challenges.

Here are the activities that will be performed throughout the 5 weeks and their outcomes:

• Training session (up to 20 attendees) This is a 40-hour training session where your team will learn the fundamentals of Power Platform, including an overview of AI Builder and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities. Outcomes: Customer team trained in Power Platform Fundamentals.

• Digital Transformation Workshops (up to 20 attendees) This is an activity-based, hands-on workshop led by AlfaPeople experts. The main goal is to help your team define proposals for Power Platform-based solutions to address your business challenges and definition of priorities. Outcomes: backlog items organization and prioritization and a high-level roadmap of future enhancements.

• Quick Win The team will implement one high-priority “Minimal Viable Product” (MVP) identified in the Digital Transformation Workshop. Outcomes: first app Implementation and first customer hands-on experience.

Please find below the activities’ timeline:

Week 1: • Kick-off meeting • Power Platform Fundamentals Training session

Week 2 & 3: Digital Transformation Workshop • Session 1 – Benchmarking and Customer Initiatives • Session 2 – Ideation • Session 3 – Prioritization • Session 4 – Quick Win (identify and specify Minimal Viable Product)

Week 4&5: • Session 5 of the Digital Transformation Workshop to present Final report; • Implementation of the Minimal Viable Product identified in the Digital Transformation workshop; • Project closure.

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