Power BI Premium Performance: 3-Day Assessment


3-Day Assessment of Microsoft Power BI Reports hosted on Premium Capacity to identify performance improvements

Are you an Enterprise customer who has purchased Power BI Premium, but having issues with the performance of your Power BI reports?

Have you seen an unexpected degradation in report performance since moving to Power BI Premium?

Power BI Premium provides customers with dedicated server capacity to optimise your report generation and provides additional functionality to further enhance your organisation's ability to analyse your data.

This additional capacity provides a greater level of control over resources compared to using the shared Power BI service; however without an appreciation of the differences, performance can actually degrade. Therefore a different approach is required in order to utilise the capacity correctly.

During this engagement we will perform a review of reports hosted on a poorly performing Power BI Premium capacity and will provide advice and recommendations in the following areas:

  • We will review the utilisation of the various workloads on the Premium capacity (for example during data refreshes or other processes) and provide recommendations on mitigating the impact of these

  • We will identify the reports that are taking a disproportionate time to load and identify the root causes for the main ones

  • We will provide recommendations on how some of the Power BI performance optimisation techniques can be used to speed up the most common activities undertaken by Power BI

  • We will provide guidance and tools for capacity planning and resource management, and advice on how best to analyse and monitor performance. This will include providing a customised version of the Power BI Usage Metrics report highlighting areas of concern and taking advantage of Power BI alerting capability to notify administrators of potential performance issues.

The deliverables from this engagement will be an analysis of current performance of the Power BI Premium capacity and a set of actions and recommendations in order to optimise performance going forward.

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