Power BI on Dynamics AX: 2-Wk Implementation

Anantara Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Finance inside Dynamics AX using Microsoft Power BI. Anantara experts will develop the dashboards which track metrics such as Working Capital, Collections, and Cash Flow.

Our Finance Management Module Implementation Package will allow you to leverage the key finance dashboards inside Dynamics AX.

Development of four interactive dashboards for the Power BI: Finance dashboards on Dynamics AX.

Working Capital Dashboard:

  • Working capital is measured based on the Sales, Inventory, and Purchase outstanding
  • Are code KPI
  • Date filter

Invoice Collections Dashboard:

  • Weekly open receivables
  • Current open balance by customer
  • Largest past due invoice
  • Oldest past invoices

Cash Flow dashboard:

  • Expected Cash Inflow
  • Expected Cash Outflow
  • Expected Net Flow
  • Net Cash Flow over next 30 days

Actual Cash Flow Dashboard:

  • Cash Inflow
  • Cash Outflow
  • Efficacy for the past 6 Months with a trend line
  • Net Cash Flow for next 30 days


  • Setup and development of this module
  • User acceptance testing
  • Demonstration on the other modules of Finance

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