Power BI Recruitment Analysis: 5-Wk Implementation

Anantara Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

An interactive way of representing your HR Key metrics which are a fundamental part of HR analytics and offer valuable input for strategic decision-making.

Leverage the interactivity of Microsoft Power BI that would help you visualize and analyze your HR Department on a real-time basis stored on data sources like Excel, CSV, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Power BI visualizations provide interactivity and necessary drill-downs while viewing standard reports such as Job Posting, First level Screening, Overall Recruitment Funnel, Pre-onboarding process, On-boarding process, Employment, Appraisal, Awards, and Termination which gives you a real-time view of your current HR and Recruiting situation empowering you to make the right decisions for your company at the right time.


Initial setup of Power BI with required configurations

Creating a staging instance for enabling Power BI to consume data on a real-time basis

Dashboards / Reports which would be created are:

  • Job Posting
  • First Level Screening
  • Recruitment Funnel
  • Candidate Pipeline by Stage
  • Pre On-boarding Process
  • On-boarding Process
  • Employment
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Awards and Rewards
  • Termination

Provide an instruction manual on the usage of Power BI dashboards and provide support to the client as they take the lead in performing UAT

Go-Live Readiness and support for migration of reports from staging to production instance

We will work with you on an ongoing basis or any customization / additional reports that would be required as part of deliverables.

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