Andworx Power Platform Solution Assessment

Andworx, LLC

An Assessment of an Existing Microsoft Power Platform Solution with Actionable Improvement Steps

Andworx is a team of experts specialized in developing impactful Microsoft Power Platform solutions that showcase the true capabilities of a Power Platform implementation.

Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation with Andworx, a leading provider of Microsoft Power Platform services and solutions! Collaborate with us to showcase the true capabilities of a Power Platform implementation, tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Through this Andworx Power Platform Solution Assessment, our team of Microsoft Power Platform experts will work with you to identify areas of improvement for an existing Power Platform solution that your team has built. We will highlight relevant Power Platform features that add value, develop solution technology stack diagrams detailing proposed future state, build UI mockups, provide recommendations on additional Microsoft Azure technologies to improve your solution, and provide a solution improvement plan with milestones and requirements.

By the end of the assessment, your organization will have specific Power Platform solution recommendations and improvement guidance which will enable your organization to have a clear vision of capabilities and actionable steps to make high value improvements. Don't wait, partner with Andworx today and take the first step towards transforming your organization with the Microsoft Power Platform!

Approach: Our Power Platform Solution Assessment includes 4 phases, each with their own deliverable:

Identify high value areas of improvement: Evaluate the current solution and compile a list of high value areas of improvement.

Highlight relevant Power Platform features that add value: Provide business value differentiators for Power Platform features and functionalities over existing processes.

Develop solution technology stack diagrams and UI mockups: Develop the proposed solution architecture, build the user interface improvement mockup, and define a solution improvement plan.

Provide a solution improvement plan with milestones and requirements: Present a clear implementation roadmap.


  • Categorized list by functional area of high values areas of improvement, assisting in building a backlog for development tasks.
  • A business value proposition document outlining Power Platform features and functionality which would add value to the solution.
  • The proposed solution architecture, UI improvement mockup, and improvement plan documentation.
  • An implementation roadmap with milestones and requirements.
All Andworx services are performed in the United States by US Citizens. Andworx holds a US Government Top Secret facility clearance and is experienced building solutions in Microsoft 365 tenants that include commercial, GCC, GCC High (IL4), DOD (IL5).

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