Armanino 1-Wk Proof of Concept on Power BI QuickStart

Armanino LLP

Get your business intelligence reporting up and running in days and start delivering strategic insights with Armanino’s Power BI QuickStart Package.

Personal Support to Help You Launch Power BI

This QuickStart package is ideal for clients who are looking to get started with their self-service, data visualization initiatives. Armanino will assist in provisioning your Power BI cloud environment and then lead and support you through your initial data modeling and visualization design efforts.

The Power BI QuickStart package includes:

  • Up to 40 consulting and development hours that emcompass:
    • Provisioning your Power BI environment
    • Connecting to a single, simple Data Source
    • Construction of a Power BI Prototype Data Model (Proof of Concept)
    • Adding Measures and Dimensions as needed
    • Design of a 3-sheet interactive dashboard, incorporating up to 10 Visualizations
    • Deploy for sharing with up to 10 users
  • 1 Year Subscription to Power BI Pro for 10 Users
Need a more robust Power BI implementation? No problem, contact us to learn more about our Power BI service and offerings.

Armanino is an award-winning, diversified consulting firm with offerings that include Microsoft Power BI and Dynamics 365 for Operations and Customer Engagement. We offer software implementation, customization and integrations to rapidly-growing mid-size businesses and global enterprises. Let us help you leverage your existing Microsoft investment by providing you with a rapid, but comprehensive introduction to the Power BI platform.

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