Modern Workplace - CloudPC Jam Session (Free)


Gain valuable insights into the benefits of CloudPC, its comparison to other VDI, and how it can facilitate secure access to company resources for multiple use cases like remote work or BYOD.

CloudPC aka Windows 365

CloudPC is a new technology that allows you to stream your personalized desktop from any remote location, securely from the Microsoft Cloud to any of your devices. It is offered as a service provided by Microsoft, which implies reliability, security, and possible integration with other Microsoft services and software like conditional access and Intune.

In this session we'll guide you through the Microsoft VDI landscape and help you decide which product is best for your needs.

Our goal for this session is for you to:

  • Understand the basics of Windows 365 aka CloudPC
  • Know the key use-case scenarios and challenges that Windows 365 can solve in comparison with other VDI solutions
  • Identify potential business cases
  • Know the added value of Arxus

Arxus Endpoint Management

Arxus Endpoint Management can provide added value by managing custom apps, keeping applications up to date, and providing insights into application installation status. It also offers tenant patching, preventing stale tenant, and ensuring that devices are always secure.

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