Digital Workspace Provisioning - Setup Consult

Ascend Technologies, LLC

Simplify user setup and onboarding, improve security & maintain consistency throughout your organization by adopting a touchless solution for user device setup.

Zero-Touch Laptop Provisioning (ZTLP) allows you to quickly deploy devices while maintaining a consistent security standard enabling your organization to quickly scale to meet the demand and growth of your business.

With ZTLP, we can advise you on getting expert-driven recommendations and a custom-built configuration that delivers all the essential applications, patches, and updates your users need to get to work. Our team is experienced in setting up Intune & Autopilot to auto-provision laptops in a way that allows your unconfigured devices to be sent directly to the end user. Upon the first login, the device is imaged with core applications, security settings, and any required updates for Windows. It's that simple.

Depending on your needs, we can continuously support your end-users by troubleshooting issues, keeping deployments up-to-date for your end-users, and helping manage device setup for your continuous onboarding needs. With Zero-Touch Laptop Provisioning, your organization can save 90% on setup time, meaning your users can get to work faster.

Our goal is to help you get started and extend your use of your Microsoft 365 licensing. Our team provides the expertise, capabilities, and know-how to help you save time, boost productivity, and maximize your Microsoft licesing.

Benefits of ZTLP • Offers simple and scalable onboarding, making it easy to meet your organization's needs. • Takes the bulk of device deployment tasks off your IT team's plate, giving them more time to focus on more critical projects. • Gets your end-users right to work with a fast and easy device onboarding experience.

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