Power BI Monitoring

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Power BI Monitoring: Accelerate Power BI Adoption and Streamline

Power BI Monitoring by Astral Forest is an indispensable tool for any mature organization that understands that merely having Power BI is not enough for proper reporting management in the company.

With Power BI Monitoring, you're in control of every aspect of your Power BI ecosystem. You monitor and analyze the utilization of Power BI reports, identifying top business users and uncovering the top trending reports.You oversee licenses and user activity, eliminating costs associated with underutilized licenses.

Power BI Monitoring is a tool that not only helps with data management but also streamlines the work of data teams. You can archive unused reports, making the environment cleaner and more transparent. You make it easier for users to work, helping them find and utilize the most important reports.

Power BI Monitoring is also a tool that helps develop analytical talent within the organization. You identify and train top users who can become Power BI ambassadors and contribute to increasing reports’ adoption.

Most useful features:

  • Facilitates the administration of Power BI.
  • Helps to track and drive PBI Adoption
  • Identifies the frequent users – potential Power BI Champions
  • Easily discovers the non-used reports.
  • Optimizes the licences’ costs
  • Helps you estimate ROI of Power BI Reports
  • Evaluates the consumption of the reports and user engagement.
  • Easily discovers the non-used reports.
  • Identifies frequent users without any license.

All of this makes Power BI Monitoring an essential tool for anyone looking to maximize the potential of their data.

For whom?

  • You already use Power BI
  • Your Power BI is used by over 200 users
  • You want to run you BI/Department using Data Drivern approach
  • You've had enough of the untapped potential of your data analytics

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