Accessibility as a Service: 5-Wk Implementation

Atos International SAS

Offering Accessibility as a Service and effectively leveraging solutions will maximizes client investment while ensuring employees can participate to the best of their abilities.

Combining the globally recognized expertise of Atos and the power of Microsoft 365 apps to deliver scalable accessibility management; enabling everyone to harness the power of technology to perform to their full potential. Progressive integration of new accessibility features from an Assistive Technology catalogue, continuously aligned with other services and the inbuilt assistive technologies in Microsoft 365 apps.

Proactive management of interoperability with the line of business applications ensures that digital tools are not only appropriately designed and deployed but also managed, supported, and developed to allow your workplace to grow and transform secure in the knowledge that it is Accessible, Inclusive and compliant.

Building upon the inbuilt Assistive Technologies in Microsoft 365 integration and managed support of additional Access Technologies into the Digital Workplace offering, we will help your employees be enabled by technology not hindered by it.

In this implementation Atos will support you in managing your workplace to ensure that is inclusive and accessible. We will do this by:

  • Creating management structure that support Accessibility and Inclusion

  • Helping deploy existing tools effectively and additional tools when appropriate

  • Ensuring tool ecosystems are Accessible and Inclusive

  • Support the ongoing evolution, management and development of tool ecosystems

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