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Digital Workplace Insights: 12-Wk Implementation


An enterprise analytics solution that leverages Azure PaaS services and Power BI to understand analytics adoption, usage, and business value for Office 365 and other digital tools.

Microsoft continues to lead in the industry in providing powerful tools to enable new digital workplaces. Clients are now asking, “How do I really understand the value I am getting from my investment in these new tools?”

It starts with understanding adoption and being able to positively drive change with the organization. But it does not end there. In order to truly understand the business value of digital workplace tools we must seek to measure and understand the impact they have on our key business value metrics.

This Digital Workplace Insights engagement provides a comprehensive view of Digital Workplace ROI through three iterative cycles inclusive of both advisory and change enablement programs:

  • First, a view of digital tool adoption.
  • Second, the effective use of digital tools within the organization.
  • Finally, the correlation of adoption to business value metrics for those clients that seek to fully understand the return they are getting from their Digital Workplace investments.


  • A 3-month workplace insights pilot, providing insights to adoption and behavioral insights for key Office 365 workloads.
  • An initial ½ day virtual workshop to gather some basics about your Office 365 environment and the implementation of our Workplace Insights solution on our modern analytics platform in Azure (on your Azure subscription; consumption costs not included in the offer price is estimated at ~$450/month).
  • Branding of the workplace insights Power BI template, basic support (2 hours per week) and monthly insight review (1 hour) for the run period of 3 months to understand your data and potential remediation actions.
  • At the end of 3-month period you can choose to terminate the pilot or extend the program to a production-ready instance on our managed service platform and focus on extending the solution.


View the attached document for key assumptions to be considered.