Avanade Entra Verified ID Consulting Services FY24

Avanade, Inc.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID is a Decentralized Identity implementation that streamlines any identity related process, simplifies it, reduce costs and increases convenience.

Decentralized Identity has begun the journey of becoming the Digital Identity of the future and is set to radically change Identity & Access Management in industry and government settings.

Entra Verified ID offers an unparalleled set of SME and enterprise features embedding Decentralized Identity in existing Azure services like Microsoft 365, Azure Active Directory and others. As a Zero Trust champion and a close partner of Microsoft, Avanade has embraced Microsoft Entra Verified ID and is now offering the full range of consultancy services around it.

Decentralized Identity defines how a physical piece of identity (like a passport or employee access card) could be converted to a digital Verifiable Credential (VC) and stored in a person’s mobile phone.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID is a Decentralized Identity implementation that integrates with Azure services. Typical use cases transform the daily identity activities from a simple log-on to onboarding a new employee. Entra Verified ID can streamline any identity related process, simplify it, reduce costs and increase convenience.


  • Know who is behind the computer and serve the right person from the first use
  • Processes that normally require physical presence and documents can now be achieved entirely online
  • Strengthens security, trust and privacy with a decentralized architecture
  • Makes portable, reusable, and accessible credentials controlled by their owner
  • Lowers security risk and by extension compliance challenges by reducing the amount of sensitive data required to offer a service

Example Use Cases

  • Quicker, safer, streamlined and cost-effective employee onboarding
  • Enhanced access control with biometrics or as alternative factor of authentication
  • Manage Access to external entities (partners, temporary workers etc) without having to create a local account for them

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