Avanade Teams Webinar 2Hr Workshop FY24

Avanade, Inc.

Integrating Teams Webinar - Enrich Your Data & Drive Efficiencies with Teams & Power Platform.

Teams Webinar can be integrated into your Marketing Automation Platform. Learn how to integrate Teams Webinar into your Marketing Automation platform and other business systems to enrich your data and drive efficiencies in your attendee workflows. Events, Webinars, Sessions, Registrants, and Attendees can be tied into your customer journey or other activities. Power Platform is a low-code platform that's perfect for building these straightforward integations using a library of over 800 prebuilt connectors and provides easy ways to build in human-centric processes with the least technical debt. Avanade, as the leading Microsoft partner for both Teams and Power Platform, has designed this 2-session workshop to help you identify the best way to get the most out of your Teams Webinars leveraging the latest Microsoft technology. As a result of this free offer, you'll have a deeper understanding of how to get the most from Teams + Power Platform, a Mural board based on our template for Design Thinking workshops, and a Technology Roadmap that lays out the best steps for you to take to increase your time to value. We'll align ou rbest practice guidance to your priorities, illuminating a clear path forward for you.

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