Security and compliance assessment with Microsoft Purview


Fortify data with Microsoft Purview. Use encryption, access controls, and governance. Enhance security, ensure compliance, and streamline deployment with real-time insights.

Email Security Risk Assessment with AVASOFT


Our consulting services aim to help you initiate or extend your use of Microsoft 365 by providing the necessary expertise, capabilities, and know-how that may be lacking in-house or require enhancement.


AVASOFT's Email Security Risk Assessment ensures robust email security tailored to your organizational needs. Our structured approach includes the following stages:

  • Discovery and Runbook
  • Review and Access
  • Recommendation and Report

Discovery & Runbook

Information Gathering:

We begin by collecting detailed information about your Microsoft Purview setup, providing a clear picture of your data management practices.

Security and Compliance Secure Score:

We evaluate your organization's Security and Compliance Secure Score to assess your current security posture and compliance adherence.

Runbook Creation:

All gathered information is compiled into a runbook, serving as a roadmap for the assessment.

Review & Access

Policy and Configuration Review:

Our team reviews all rules, policies, and alerts set up in Microsoft Purview to ensure alignment with security and compliance standards.

Risk Identification:

We closely examine each configuration to identify potential risks or issues that need addressing.

Recommendation & Report

Improvement Suggestions:

Based on our findings, we provide clear and actionable recommendations for improvements, explaining the importance of each suggested change.

Comprehensive Report:

We deliver a detailed report summarizing our discoveries, along with a structured plan to address issues and enhance data management.

What We Cover:

  • Sensitive Data Protection
  • Access Controls
  • Retention and Archiving Assessment
  • Data Identification and Categorization

Key Benefits:

Data Insights:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your data landscape for effective management and governance.

Risk Mitigation:

Identify and mitigate security risks and compliance gaps through centralized data classification and governance policies.

Sensitive Data Protection:

Discover and protect sensitive data across your organization, enhancing overall data security and compliance measures.

Operational Efficiency:

Improve efficiency and effectiveness in managing data within Microsoft Purview, boosting operational performance.


  • Detailed Findings and Recommendations: Actionable insights to strengthen security measures within Microsoft Purview.
  • Robust Security Controls: Enhanced security controls for secure transmission of sensitive information.
  • Strategic Recommendations: Insights to inform strategic decision-making on security and compliance initiatives.
  • Proactive Risk Management: A structured plan for addressing identified risks and preventing potential security incidents.

By leveraging AVASOFT's structured approach, you can enhance email security, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance with best practices, providing a secure and efficient email environment.

Contact us today to learn how AVASOFT can help you secure and optimize your email infrastructure.

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