Microsoft Teams Rooms Fundamentals: 2 Hour Free Consultation


A free preliminary consultation session for customers considering or planning to deploy Teams Rooms Systems.

By the end of this 2-hour introductory session, customers will understand the key characteristics of Microsoft Teams Rooms as well as the requirements for successful deployment at scale in a range of different meeting room scenarios.

Topics & Deliverables:

• High level discovery and assessment of the customer’s current environment and readiness to deploy including key services such as Intune and AAD, as well as network provision (conducted in advance)
• Discussion of preparatory work to successfully introduce MTR into your environment: Resource Account Creation, Network requirements and architecture, security considerations and licensing needs
• Key Teams Meetings features including user interface overview, display layout options, content sharing, companion mode, interoperability and advanced capabilities such as Coordinated Meetings with other MTR devices
• Overview of Meeting Room archetypes and how different MTR hardware solutions can be used to create the right experience for any collaboration activity
• Review of the Microsoft Teams Devices Deployment Playbook
• Discussion of how Teams Phone  an be integrated into Microsoft Teams Rooms
• Final deliverable will include all presentation content, an assessment report on the customer’s environment and general readiness and recommendations for next steps. In addition the customer will be provided with the Microsoft Teams Devices Deployment Playbook

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