Tableau to Power BI Migration: 4-Wk Automated Implementation

Axis Group, LLC

Automate and accelerate your Tableau to Power BI Migration journey with Axis Group, a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Data & AI

"With Axis Vortex™ we use AI and automation to migrate your legacy analytics solutions to Power BI with 70% less effort.

Vortex uses AI and automation to streamline the migration of your Tableau solutions to Power BI, maintaining UI fidelity and accurately converting data, reducing manual effort and enabling your ream to focus on delivering business insights.

Why Axis Group?

  • Our proprietary platform, Vortex, accelerates your time-to-value by automating the migration of your BI applications
  • We have successfully designed & delivered 1000’s of solutions in Tableau and Power BI
  • Microsoft Solutions Partner: Data & AI and Gartner-recommended

In short, we have the perfect blend of technical acumen, business know-how and analytics vision to make you and your team successful

Tasks / Deliverables:

  • AI-powered conversion of even complex measures to DAX
  • Create flawless Power BI objects that keep fidelity to designs that users already know
  • Generate Power BI datasets with tables, fields, relationships and measures intact
  • Robust validation of new objects and data against their source
  • Automatic, consistent documentation for every migrated Power BI application

Transitioning from Tableau to Power BI for some can be a long, costly, and potentially disruptive initiative. Don’t go it alone! Select Axis Group, your trusted Data & Analytics partner for over 25 years.

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