Microsoft Secure Remote Workshop - 1day


Help customers envision agile work scenarios and how to enable your people to be productive and secure from anywhere with Microsoft 365

Remote working is becoming the standard in many industries and companies of all categories across the globe. While many consider remote working to be positive, or even a beneficial, it is something that is also viewed with some degree of fear by leaders. Let BCX help you learn how to best manage, engage and motivate the individuals across your businesses with our solution offering. Our workshop is not a short-term fix to cope with the current climate, implemented correctly, it’s something that could deliver real benefits to your business and staff in the longer term, while you experience a positive ROI on your Microsoft investment.

Plan for implementation of a Secure Remote work from Anywhere with Microsoft 365, the Microsoft Secure Remote 1 day Workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Microsoft Teams
    • Overview of the Teams product 
  • Calling – BCX Voice4Teams
    • The benefits of migrating to the BCX Voice4Teams managed service
    • Teams certified devices
  • Foundational Identity and Security
    • Understanding your identities and ensuring they are secure 
  • Secure access

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