Dynamics 365 Marketing Express™ 2wk Implementation

Betach Solutions Inc.

Marketing Express™ a rapid deployment of our out-of-the-box solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Betach's Dynamics 365 Marketing Express offer is built with the user in mind, intended to make your implementation and adoption of Dynamics 365 Marketing seamless, including assistance retiring your previous solution. We are uniquely positioned with a team of dedicated technical and marketing experts who will upskill your organization on Dynamics 365 Marketing. We go beyond installing Dynamics 365 Marketing and leaving you to focus on telling your story. Including:

  • Guided discovery session
  • Custom styled embedded forms to match your website
  • Styled email templates complete with customer journey templates and examples
  • Lead Score set up
  • Initial website tracking set up
  • Hands on coaching sessions

Extensions: Power BI dashboards, SMS messaging, Customer Voice survey integration, Chatbots, Customer Portals, and more.

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