Machine Learning & Pred. Analytics: 2-Hr Briefing

Beyondsoft Consulting

An overview of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics and how to utilize it in your business

There is an increasing amount of data, however that data doesn’t always translate into actions and, more importantly, improvements for your business. If you are intrigued by the value of your data and want to see it impacting your business but are unsure how to start, we invite you to spend a couple hours with our Machine Learning/Predictive Analytics experts as we show you real-world examples of how it can help you surface actionable insights to drive strategic business optimizations.


  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics
  • Provide real-word examples of delivering business value with Power BI
  • Discussion of your specific business issues
  • Identification and discussion of possible solutions


  • Recommendations on multiple solutions that would solve your business problem
  • Roadmap to further work, as required

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