Real Time Analytics with Power BI: 1 Day Workshop

BI3 Technologies Pty Ltd

A deeply thought-provoking workshop that provides your team an insight into the power of real-time data and how it can be used to transform your business.

Power BI is a very powerful business intelligence application with massive market reach and momentum. With seamless integration to other Microsoft products which as Microsoft 365, Azure, Teams, Power Apps and Power Automate, the technology is perfectly positioned to provide real-time insights to your business. In this workshop we showcase how to combine Azure Stream Analytics and Power BI to deliver transformative real-time data to key stakeholder.

This workshop will help you and your team participate in a collaborative discussion that explores:

  1. The Technology used to implement Real Time Analytics - Learnings and Best Practices
  2. Real world examples of Real Time Analytics Dashboards and how they are used to improve operations.
  3. Understanding of the Change Management aspects and business buy-in process.
  4. How to compliment real-time data with real time forecasts with machine learning
  5. The art of scenario modelling - giving the business the opportunity to explore the actions they can take and how these actions will impact the forecasts.

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